Claire’s Cosmetics Blue Skies

Good morning!! I’m going to showcase another Claire’s that Tennekka from The Polish Parade sent me 🙂

She DMed me a pic of her twin boys and they are so adorable!!!! I wanna have twins when I’m married too :>


Claire’s Blue Skies is a sky blue with silver microglitter and big silver hexagon glitter. Most of the big silver hexagon glitter gets covered by the polish and they look out of place 😦



I did have lots of streaks and bald spots in the first coat but the second covers up almost everything. I still have a slight cuticle drag at my middle finger. But I still love the microglitter in this one!

Thank you, Tennekka! 😉

I’m having my Financial Accounting test today so wish me luck! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Claire’s Cosmetics Blue Skies

    • Haha yeah it adds a touch of uniqueness to it! But I think I will love it better without it haha 🙂

      Diff people have diff opinions! Thanks for dropping by! ^^

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