Dots and Lines Half-moon Nail Design

It’s another day of Pink Wednesday!! School is for an hour today, yippee!! Biz Law lecture was cancelled due to my school’s graduation for Year 3’s! Thinking about graduation… I seriously cannot wait to graduate!!!!! 😉 But then again, I must go through many more tests, exams and projects to be able to graduate :/

Anyway, last Sunday, I mentioned that my boyfriend and I wanted to watch ‘Fast and Furious 5’ but we were too late and the tickets were sold out. So at the very last minute we went to catch ‘Beastly’ instead. ‘Beastly’ is on my to-watch movie list as well so I didn’t mind that. I love Mary-Kate Olsen in this!!!! She’s so creepy and gothic looking, I mean she totally fits her character. I think she’s the weirder twin but she’s my favourite! Did I mention that I’m a big fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? I still have their books and their DVDs hehehe

Let’s move on to the mani! Okay… I’m a little cheating here. This wasn’t a mani done for Wednesday. This was actually on Sunday! But I don’t intend to change my mani (which I’ll post tomorrow) to switch to a pink one so here’s a backdated post. I hope this still counts, lol.


Misa Be My Lover is the star of this mani! I kept this on for less than 12 hours because Seche Vite ate my mani at the tips again while I was sleeping. Talk about a real shame… I really like this ;( Again, I’m kinda into the half-moon frenzy so here’s another version of it!


Polishes used:

Misa Be My Lover
OPI Hoodoo Voodoo?!
Art Club Nail Lacquer – White
Art Deco – Gold Glitter

I hope you guys have a great Wednesday! Mine is going pretty well 😉


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