Alternate Glitter Mani

Heyyyy guysssss πŸ™‚ How is your day so far? Today’s the 9th month anniversary of my boyfriend and I so we’re going to watch ‘Kungfu Panda 2’ after school! Hehe I’m kinda excited because I love cartoons/animations! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I finally managed to get a hold of a bottle of Nubar 2010!!!! It’s on my wishlist for a very long time and now I finally have it! (actually I still don’t have it literally but the seller is gonna send it out today!) thank you to an awesome reader who told me this site like ages ago! I got Nubar 2010 for $12.50 at The Side Walks πŸ™‚


I did another layering mani with OPI Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees and Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow! I did 2 coats of OPI SSITP and 2 thin coats of Deborah Lippmann BBP! (the names are too long, lol)

I love Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees! It’s such a great vampy greyish dark blue! I picked this up when I was at PNC Traders a month back and I had to buy it because it’s the last bottle left! I’m such an impulsive buyer, I know!


Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow just adds alot more oomph into the mani! It’s a golden glitter fiesta on my nails! I’m still not considering wearing BBP on it’s own because it’s sheer and therefore would mean that I have to use more coats. (this means I’m wasting more polish, lol. I’m calculative like that!)


Okay I should probably stop typing, lol!
Till then, bye! ^^


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