Into The Wild Nail Design

My boyfriend got me a hoodie from Uniqlo yesterday 😉 The material is so stretchy, smooth and soft and I love it! Hehe it’s also the first time he bought clothes for me so I’M SOOO HAPPY!!! I’m going to bring that hoodie to Tioman for diving tonight, in case it’s chilly over there! Don’t worry, I still have posts scheduled for the weekend for you!! ^^

This nail design is inspired by a Youtube nail tutorial by a really awesome nail guru, Raquel 🙂 I really love her designs and her tutorials are so easy to follow! Her nails doesn’t get stained even when she does her nails all the time. I’m jealous! And her nails are so long and strong too! I can never grow my nails that long :/

Anyway, here’s her video on how to do it!

I changed the color of the border into silver instead because I think there’s too much bronze/brown/gold on the design so the silver glitter would stand out better. I only did 2 colour blocks with prints instead of doing all three. Again, I think there’s too much leopard print going on so I omitted doing it on the bronze section.



And here’s my left hand for the curious people, hahaha!


Okay the only bad thing about going to diving is that I’ll be back with peeling and broken nails 😦

Have a fab Friday!!! ^^


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