OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!

Hey guys! I’m finally back from diving! I am so so tired right now… I am aching everywhere and I still have a bag of diving equipment to wash 😦 But I did have fun as a Training Assistant! Haha, I have lots of tutorials undone but once I’m done with school this week, its the holidays!!!! But then again, 3 weeks of holidays isn’t enough. Especially when I have to study for tests during the 3 weeks.

I didn’t have any severe breakage during diving!!! Yay, first time ever! But I did have a minor split on my left thumb nail but it’s okay because I’m gonna let them grow for a couple of weeks and then get them squared again!


OPI I Don’t Know Jacques is a mousy-taupe brown. It was from the France collection and this is one of the first polish that I’ve bought from this collection. I had this polish for quite sometime and I didn’t use it until today 😛 This is really badddd especially when my nail polish collection is  growing so rapidly!


Just a heads up… I got the Serena Glam Slam sets before I went for diving so I’ll be posting swatches of those next! 🙂 Do keep a look out! 😉


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