OPI Serena Glam Slam Rally Pretty Pink & Red Shatter: Swatches & Review

I got the Serena Glam Slam sets right before I went for diving so today I have one of the sets to show you!

I went to PNC Traders this afternoon and they are selling each set for only $19!!! Best deal in the whole of Singapore in my opinion! Lots of places are selling for $20 odd to $30 which is insane. I’d recommend you to go to PNC Traders right now before all the sets are snapped up!



Rally Pretty Pink… I’ve no idea how to describe this. It’s pink in a dark brown base with lots of golden/yellow shimmer. The amount of shimmer is crazy and I love it!!!

I did 2 coats and I am very pleased with the opacity. However I find that Rally Pretty Pink takes abit longer to dry than other OPIs.



Rally Pretty Pink with Red Shatter. I find that the Red Shatter doesn’t really crack as much as the other shatters but the good thing is that the polish is thin and doesn’t clog up the neck of the bottle. Its sheer, like a jelly crackle. Very different from the other crackles I’ve used. In my opinion, I don’t think Rally Pretty Pink suits Red Shatter though. It just looks too weird for me, kinda looks like a gem covered in blood lol!

Maybe I have to try Red Shatter with other colours before I comment any further šŸ™‚

With topcoat:

I just cannot leave a shattered mani without a topcoat. Because I don’t really like matte finishes and I don’t fancy the shatter polish peeling off by themselves!

I hope this review was helpful!


19 thoughts on “OPI Serena Glam Slam Rally Pretty Pink & Red Shatter: Swatches & Review

  1. I think the pink polish is pretty, but I don’t like the red shatter. I think I’m one of the v few who doesn’t like the shatter polishes

    • Haha yeah don’t worry there’s bound to be some people who don’t like shatter polishes too!

      I get sick of shatters very easily haha so I don’t apply those often

      • Haha! Do they sell the pink polish by itself? I think it might be a nice polish to have in my stash

      • Haha no leh they sold it as a set! I think you should buy the set then sell the shatter! Haha can make a few bucks lol!

        Yeah I went PNC ytd and I got 4 polishes!!

  2. Wow less than $20 is cheap (: I’ll have to head down and check out! Thanks for sharing! How much to they sell single OPIs for? Do they carry other brands too?

    • They sell single OPIs for $9.50!! They do have a few China Glaze glitters and a few other fake polishes from famous brands like Misa, OPI and CG! Haha

      • $9.50!! I’ll going to head down as soon as I can! Is their range of OPI colours extensive? Do they have a lot of colours to choose from or just the latest few collections? Sorry for the many questions! TIA!

      • They do have the latest collections! The OPIs they have instock isn’t that huge but theres still nice colours to choose from! I can’t explain it to you, u have to go down personally to see for yourself šŸ™‚

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