OPI Dating A Royal + Nubar 2010

I just got home and I’m so tired!!! I passed my BTT (basic driving test) so now I can apply for my provision driving license and start to drive! I’m excited and yet scared at the same time, haha! This post will be a short one, I’m too tired to think straight!

Okay, so I’ve started water marking my photos 🙂 Sorry if its a disturbance, I try not to cover the polish with the words!


For today’s notd, I used OPI Dating A Royal with Nubar 2010. Dating A Royal is a beautiful luscious blue. It’s not dark navy and neither is it under brights (I know it’s under the Brights collection but somehow in my opinion, this blue isn’t that bright enough to be under brights, lol) But this is gorgeous. This is most probably my favourite blue creme that I own.



There’s a craze for Nubar 2010 lately 😉 Since Nubar isn’t avaliable in Singapore, all of us polish junkies in S’pore was so delighted when we actually found out that a local blogshop was selling Nubar 2010! (thanks to a lovely reader! <3) Nubar 2010 is said to be a ‘fantastic shade consists of flakes of reflective glitter in a  polychromatic base, and displays its many shades when worn alone as a sheer polish or layered over other nubar nail lacquers for a dramatic effect.’ Exact quote from Nubar’s website which perfectly describes this polish!

Nubar 2010 can be purchased from The Side Walks. I emailed them asking whether do they bring in other Nubar collections besides Nubar 2010 and they said they do take in orders from other collections so email them now if you want to own a Nubar! The price will be $11 per polish which I think is reasonable. It’s like a preorder so all you have to do is to pay half and wait for a couple of weeks!

I hope this Nubar info is helpful 😉


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