My IKEA Helmer: Nail Polish Storage

So if you’ve been my reader ever since the beginning, you would know that I do own a Helmer for my beloved polishes! I caved in into buying one because it’s said to be able to house 65 polishes in one compartment and it’s the ideal height for almost all brands of polishes! It is highly requested to show my nail polish collection and how I store them so here it is!

Before getting a Helmer, I stored my polishes on $2 Daiso trays and I had 4 of them full. I didn’t have anymore space on my table to take in another tray so hence buying a Helmer really helps in organizing alot!

I actually wanted to get a blood-hot engine red Helmer instead of the boring metallic grey or the cream. But then my boyfriend said getting the cream one will fit my room much better since my room’s walls and furniture are cream. I’m glad I listened to him and got the cream one! 😉

My Helmer is currently right below my study table! Thankfully, it managed to fit under it because I get to save space that way! Also it is much easier for me to do my nails because my Helmer is always right beside me, lol!


Drawer 1: Luxury brand nail polishes at top half; Deborah Lippmann, MAC, Chanel, Dior, Illamasqua, Make Up Store and Base and Top coats, Treatments, Thinner, Cuticle Oil, Cuticle Remover, Nail File at bottom half etc.

Drawer 2: OPI, Essie and Zoya! I placed Essie and Zoya together with my OPIs because their bottles are generally small and they help fill up the gaps at the side! This helps me save abit of polish space. I store them by brand and then by colour. I love to see a display of ‘rainbow’ when I open my drawers!

Drawer 3: More OPIs, Misa, CND, Canmake, Topshop

Drawer 4: China Glaze, Orly, Color Club, Revlon, American Apparel

Drawer 5: Drugstore brand nail polishes, nail foils, nail art striper brushes and pens; Sinful Colors, Elianto, Rimmel, New York, Etude House, L.A. Colors, Claire’s, Sally Hensen

Drawer 6: Miscellaneous nail items like fake nails, rhinestones, hand cream, 3D ribbons and flowers, glitter, dotting tools, nail art stickers, nail art brushes, cuticle pushers, colour wheels etc. The ‘Banana’ pencil case contains all my nail art brushes. Isn’t the case cute?? Banana is my nickname so that’s why I bought it. I got it from Artbox for less than $10.

So that’s it! I think I might need a second Helmer at the rate that I’m buying polishes… :/

How do you store your polishes? Let me know!


11 thoughts on “My IKEA Helmer: Nail Polish Storage

  1. I will never get sick of looking at hauls, collections and storage posts! I use Muji drawers for my polishes (they used to be in Helmers, but I moved them out)

    • Lol me too I love looking at people’s nail polish collection and storage too! How do the muji drawers look like?? Haha then what did you do with your helmer?

      • I’ll tweet a pic for you, shall try and rmb tonight. My helmers are mostly used to store my makeup, and a drawer for my my fake nail tips and crystals.

      • Haha okay! 😀 I’m so glad I’m not crazy over makeup, if not I’ll be spending twice as much as I do now :/

  2. Meh, I can’t figure out why my nickname wont give a link to my blog! Only ever stumbled upon this problem at your place too…. Weird.

  3. Aye, I forgot to take the pic! I’ll try to remember, by the time I go home I am so lazy I just plonk myself on the bed. Hahaha one day makeup might find it’s way into your heart!

    • Haha if I remember I’ll tweet you about it! 🙂 haha I’m not good at makeup! All I can do is swipe on some mascara and lipgloss. Lol #fail

  4. I am going out to buy myself a Helmer (maybe two?? :o) tomorrow, looks perfect. Right now I have my polishes stored in a plastic three drawer unit, but I’d rather have them all upright. Helmer here I come!

    • Hehe I think buying one Helmer is good enough! You won’t need two Helmers yet for 3 trays of polishes! My Helmer holds all my polishes and there’s still a little space left!

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