Three Polish Changes… In A Day!

It’s a rainy day in Singapore again and I’m glad I stayed home to enjoy the chilly weather indoors! I was doing my revision in my room but despite me wanting to concentrate and focus on Business Law, my eyes wandered to my Helmer next to me instead. Soon, I was trying on polishes and removing them almost instantly.

So anyway, here are some swatches of polishes that I have for you today, thanks to my impromptu swatch fest!



OPI The One That Got Away is from last year’s Katy Perry collection, where the hyped is all about Black Shatter, Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night. I might have neglected this polish but look at it!! It may be a common fuchsia shade to most but I love how this really looks good on my skin tone. It doesn’t make my skin tone stand out. It’s incredibly stunning to look at, and I’m confused on whether the shimmers are golden or silver; but there’s definitely berry-pink shimmer in that too.



OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender is a creamy blue-toned pink with a tinge of lilac. I wouldn’t group this colour under purples though, it have too much pink in it to be it. My pictures does not do this polish justice, its too blue!! (the sun is setting when I took the photo, hence the great colour difference!) I find the formula really thick and I should have done a 2 thin coats with another thick coat instead of 2 medium coats. I think this would look good on fairer skin tones 🙂



Because I’ve not used my Nubar 2010 in awhile, I layered it over OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender! I love how the orange flakies seem to be dominant now instead of the other colours!


Another polish from Tennekka; The Polish Parade, Claire’s Wild/Calm is a purple with crazy silver shimmer going on. I applied this under room temperature (I didn’t dip my fingers into cold water or anything) and look how immediate the change is! It changes into a magenta-pink when warm and purple when cool. I love how gradual the change from one colour to another is, it looks like I did a french mani, doesn’t it? It dried like a matte/satin finish so a topcoat is needed for luscious shine!



I love it so much better with a topcoat!!!! ❤

Can you make a guess on which polish managed to stay on my nails? 😉


6 thoughts on “Three Polish Changes… In A Day!

    • Haha yea its really pretty, especially the gradient! Only this mood polish worked for me!! The others I have which are deemed are so difficult to change colour! I wonder is it because of our country’s weather?

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