Green Leopard Prints Nail Design

I’m seriously neglecting my studies because of ‘That’s So Raven’! Some of the episodes cracked me up so bad and its mostly done by Chelsea, lol. Anyway, today is my mum’s birthday and we are going to have durian cake tonight!!!! Awesome!! If you have not tried durian before… you gotta try it! We had a sumptuous Japanese dinner yesterday as a celebration so there’s no lavish dinner tonight :/Also, I’m heading off to the driving centre in one hour for my second driving lesson! I’m kinda looking forward to it because driving is kinda fun. 🙂

Okay so today’s NOTD is another leopard nail design in green! I’m still into the leopard print bandwagon hehe. This is a really weird combination of colours but I think it looks fine right?



Polishes used:

OPI Mermaid’s Tears
OPI Skulls & Glossbones
Amuse Nail Art Pen – Black




Oppz I got too carried away with so many pictures, haha! I shall probably go change and prepare to head out soon! Have a great day! :>


8 thoughts on “Green Leopard Prints Nail Design

  1. It looks fantasticly awesome! I love the color combination, and I’m a strong believer that colors are meant to be played with (especially in nail art)! Plus this is very cute… I want you to do mine too!

    • Haha thank you! I totally agree that colours should be combined, no matter how weird they turn out! 😉

      Ah, if you stop by in Singapore, just let me know! 😀

  2. Nice! And you have really long nails as well! I’m thinking of adding skulls and glossbones to my collection as well.. Just that there’s always another color calling out to me more.. Hahaz.. Same thing with ‘Steady as she rose’. These are the only 2 colors from POTC collection which I don’t have.. >.<

    • Haha thanks! But I am going to cut and file down my nails soon, it’s getting to long and makes typing really difficult haha!

      Oh u should get Skulls & Glossbones, it’s gorgeous! Steady As She Rose is a rather unique colour, a pale pink with a tinge of lilac!

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