OPI Blue Shatter Swatches & Review

Hey guys!! Can you believe I’m watching ‘That’s So Raven’ again?? Good old times!! I found a whole list of the show’s episodes on someone’s Youtube channel and I’ve been hooked ever since last night!

Today’s feature are the Blue Shatters!!!! I’ve been playing with these lil ones ever since I’ve gotten them from PNC Traders!



Turquoise Shatter over MAC Spirit of Truth. This one has the best shimmer out of the 2 shatters! I wish OPI did come out with actual polish shades like these that don’t shatter. That would be amazing!



Navy Shatter over China Glaze Something Sweet is one of my favourites in this collection! It crackled the best out of the three and I’m in loveeeee ❤



Blue Shatter over China Glaze Lemon Fizz. It didn’t crack really well for my first try because I didn’t really let the polish dry before putting the shatter on, my bad! Look at my pinky… it only shattered once LOL



So I’ve tried it again and this time the shatter pattern is much more pretty! Here’s Blue Shatter over OPI Canberra’t Without You. The colour for Blue Shatter is really off here… its more of a slate blue with more blue in it lol.

All the shatters in this collection shattered really evenly, especially Navy. Maybe it’s because its a creme finish. Anyway, OPI has definitely improved its shatter formulae because the polish is slightly thinner and makes it a joy to work with! And I do realised that the polish doesn’t clog up the neck of the bottle like Black Shatter, which is a disaster in my opinion. I love the newer shatters so much better! I don’t really go near my bottle of Black Shatter anymore because it is so difficult getting polish out from the brush! Lots of thick gooey dried out polish ended up on my nails on my last try :/


2 thoughts on “OPI Blue Shatter Swatches & Review

    • Good choice! I like Turquoise Shatter too, because of the strong shimmer! Haha I guess the crackle craziness isn’t going anywhere… But I’m still excited about the new China Glaze metals crackle collection! That’s really awesome! 😀

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