OPI Rising Star

Good afternoon guys!! I got ripped off from eBay when I received my colour wheels last night. I ordered 10 colour wheels but only 7 arrived -_- I had to message the seller about the mistake and I’m glad she’s sending 3 more over!

Also, I ordered a Rescue Beauty Lounge polish and paid last Wednesday. Guess what?? The seller has not even send it out yet!! Which really annoys me 😡


OPI Rising Star is a orangey-gold metallic foil. It’s so gorgeous and blinding! It makes other people notice your nails first before other things! Well, but I prefer the bold look of OPI DS Radiance much better! I’m actually looking for a true gold metallic foil polish so does anyone have a recommendation? I don’t really see gold foil polishes on the net or anywhere!




2 thoughts on “OPI Rising Star

  1. I’m so impatient I’d be nuclear with rage at that seller. I missed FedEx today (shipment from Japan yesterday) & I called them to ask if they could come back. So I’m slightly better if I know it’s being tracked but it doesn’t seem as though she’s posted your RBL yet! Local or?
    I don’t have recs but I do have a polish I’m still kicking myself for passing over: BB Couture Blind Love.

    • Yep I almost blow her mind off if I didnt contain myself lol! Oh what did you buy? I paid for reg post for my RBL polish and the seller claims that she was so busy and didnt have time to drop by a post office. Like seriously?? Since Wednesday?! Also she also said ‘I try to mail it out by Saturday’ she thinks I owes her 😡

      I am quite pissed!!! I would have canceled my deal with her if she isn’t the only one selling RBL!

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