Flock To Shop @ Youth Scape Park


Smoochiezz aka Hazel is holding a mini flea this Saturday (18th June) for all nail polish lovers from 2PM – 9PM! Expect lots of famous brands of lacquers like OPI, China Glaze, Essie, Seche etc! What’s more she will also bring down her OPI Shatters and China Glaze Crackles! Fleas only accept cash, so better bring more money to spend! Other than Smoochiezz, there are lots of other stalls out there selling different varieties of accessories, apparels, shoes and many many more!! I’d probably head down too just to join the crowd! (And also buy a few more polishes, haha!)

Here’s the list of prices of the polishes that Hazel will be bringing:

OPI Cremes/ Base Coat/ Top Coat – $9
OPI Shimmers/Glitters – $10
OPI Nail Envy – $15
OPI Pirate Of The Carribbean Mini Set – $15
OPI Shatters – $10
China Glaze – $7
China Glaze Crackles – $8
Essie – $9
Seche Vite Top Coat – $10
Seche Vite Base Coat – $8

Smoochiezz’s polishes usually sell out very very fast so be there early so that you can grab awesome polishes! She does have the entire collection of OPI Shatters and China Glaze Crackles and the stock that she’s bringing to the flea are very very limited so be sure to head there early! šŸ™‚

Location : Scape Youth Park, 2 Orchard Link Singapore 237978 ( beside Botak Jones area)

Feeling lost? Not to worry! šŸ™‚


If you really can’t find it… I suggest you take a cab, LOL.

Smoochiezz is also having a great promo for wholesale! Purchase 50 bottles of lacquers and get 5 free! You can mix and match any of the brands, as long as the total number is 50. So get your friends to purchase together!

So see you guys there! Leave a comment if you’re heading down ^^

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this advertorial. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information about my blog’s policy.


6 thoughts on “Flock To Shop @ Youth Scape Park

  1. I’m going down with my friend tomorrow! Hope we can reach before everyone else so we’ll still have lots to choose from! Hahaz! Are you going down tomorrow as well?

    • Hi there!

      They are authentic polishes. I’ve bought them and they are what you expected them to be (e.g OPI quality etc) previously she brings in rejected stock from OPI, hence the cheaper price of $8 per bottle. She has since increase the price to $9 per bottle because now her OPIs are the real thing. No more wrong labels and formula problems!

      If you are still in doubt, you can go down to the flea and check or just don’t buy šŸ™‚

      FYI, PNC Traders is selling their OPI at $9.50 each

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