Cupcake Sprinkles Nail Design

Another cupcake design which might be really common around blogs lately. I realized I love doing my designs way past midnight and then waking up in the morning with pretty nails, lol! But then usually they don’t last long because this design is too girly and cute for me (my nails are bare now, btw)

These are not my best… I’m only using a toothpick and a dotting tool. I really need to start using my acrylic paint because it’s starting to collect dust at the corner of my table -_-


Haha I’m not listing down all the polishes used, just look over at the tags! I hope I did list them all down!



Sorry for the short post, it’s not my writing day today. :<


6 thoughts on “Cupcake Sprinkles Nail Design

  1. OMG Shona! These are absolutely darling! Makes me want to go and start baking…lol! You are so talented….love all your unique and original posts! hugs!

    • Haha thank you! I can’t bake even after painting those nails #fail LOL! Ah, mine isn’t that original afterall! Lots of people do this design all the time! You should try nail art too! :>

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