Dior Blue Label

What a lovely day it is!! I’m dying to try Barry M nail paints and also more Essie nail polishes! (I know I mentioned that I don’t really like Essie but a few I’ve gotten from Smoochiezz sort of changed my mind!) My local mall is selling lovely shades of Essie like Coat Azure, Van D’ Go, Turquoise and Caicos and I think I might pick them up soon! 🙂


Dior Blue Label is a blue-grey with very light and fine silver shimmer. Honestly, the shimmer is very hard to see, I had to put my bottle directly under the sun and squint my eyes. If I wasn’t that particular, I would have said that this is a creme polish. The shimmer is somewhat hidden!

And I have to say I love Dior brushes. They’re insanely huge for a polish wand and I initially thought that it’s gonna get polish in my cuticles and flood them. But, I was able to control the brush really well (because it is angled)



Have a great day!!


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