Hot Pink Half Zebra Half Leopard Print Nail Design

Good morning everyone! I’m up early today and I’m going for my driving lessons! I’ll be stuck here from 9.20AM to 1.10PM because I’ll be having my practice theory and evaluation test after my practical lessons! Best of luck to me, lol!



This mani is somehow a second version of the Half-Moon Leopard & Zebra Nail Design that I posted a few weeks ago!

Notice the difference between 2 sets of nails? I alternated the colours of OPI Glitzerland and China Glaze Pelican Grey. I love doing mani’s like this with a certain theme to it. Kinda edgy and really fun! :’D So on my right its gold on index, middle and ring finger while grey is on the thumb and pinkie. The same goes for my left hand, only that the colours was switched. I chose Orly Fancy Fuchsia as the leopard print because I want it to stand out (which I think it did!!!!) Accent nail on my ring fingers, obviously, for both hands I used a different glitter on them because the base colour was different. China Glaze Medallion on left and China Glaze Techno on my right. I recently purchased these two glitter polishes from Smoochiezz’s showroom and I’m so excited to use it here. I rarely use glitter because they are pretty to look at but not fun at all when I’m removing it :<



My fingers still look awkward while holding the bottle on my right. I wonder how other nail bloggers photograph their right hand without it looking clumsy, lol!


12 thoughts on “Hot Pink Half Zebra Half Leopard Print Nail Design

  1. Hi babe.. I’ve read many bad reviews on Glitzerland formula, too watery and the color of gold is like worn out and faded.. Yours look so good! How many coats did you do??

  2. Hi babe, how do you paint so perfectly? Do you use nail corrector pen? If not, what do you recommend? I always paint out onto my cuticles… :=( Poor control of brush and sometimes the brush is too wide.

    • Hi Lucy! Actually I don’t do clean up of any sort, I just have a steady hand after painting my own nails for almost 2 years! And my swatches isn’t perfect at all! I have to say, practice makes perfect! Keep doing and painting your own nails and you’ll be good in no time πŸ˜‰

    • Yep it may help a little but I wouldn’t recommend a nail corrector pen. The pen which is used to clean polish gets the polish colour on it and when u use it again, the colour on the pen gets transferred to your nails and that will ruin your mani!

      I suggest using an angled brush with polish remover! It’s so much cheaper and fuss free!

    • Hey Kellie, thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚ your name reminds me of a children’s show I watched when I was young… It was called Hi-5! Hahaha

      Thank you for the compliments πŸ˜‰

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