China Glaze Life Preserver

Hey guys!!!! So I am supposed to revise now but I just finished doing a law paper so I was like ‘Oh heck, I’m done with revising!’ and decided to change my mani because my previous notd does not seem to go well on what I’m going to wear tonight! As usual I hope you’re not surprised that I change my nail colour as fast as how I would change my clothes hahaha!


I’ve not used this one ever since I got it a few months back but I think this colour is so appropriate for Summer! It should have been in the Island Escape collection instead of Electric Pineapple. (yeah, you heard me. I don’t like Electric Pineapple, lol. More on that when I post the swatch up!) Life Preserver is like a dark, muted burnt orange. A very unique shade and this kinda reminds me of smoked salmon. I’m not a fan of salmon, but I like this colour on me! 😉



Anyway, the formula was so thick!!! I find that the entire collection of Anchors Away was thicker than usual… its like the brush took up way too much polish and when I tried to smoothen it out, it drags the polish away which results in balding. :/ I did 1 medium and 1 thick coat because I simply cannot get away with a thin one! I guess I have to thin this one out too.


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