CND Just Red and Red Sparkle: Swatches & Review

Opps, sorry for reviewing this duo so late! It initially came out this year for Valentine’s! I was rearranging my stash in my Helmer a few days back and I came across these. (omg can you believe that 4 of my drawers are full??!) Funny thing is… I’ve forgotten that I own them but now I do!



Just Red is a blood red polish. Nothing much to say about this one. It’s just a regular red polish that everyone should have in their stash! This bottle came 1/2 full because it leaked while its in the packaging 😦 I get really upset when my polishes get leaked during shipping because my money is wasted, lol!



Red Sparkle over Just Red. I love the combination! Looks like fiery fire! It sparkles really well too, it’s actually fine red glitter suspended in a clear base.



Now for the formulae, these are simply fantastic. I love CND because of their smooth application and their brushes and I have absolutely no problems with this one. You can get away with 1 coat with Just Red, that’s how opaque this polish is!!

Maybe they shouldn’t have paired red with a red glitter for Valentine’s. It’s too boring. They should have done a pink polish with red and pink glitter, that would be awesome!


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