Abstract Leopard Nail Design

Hello everyone!!! It’s a rainy day in Singapore this afternoon and luckily I took pics of my mani yesterday where it was bright and sunny, yay!

I have another leopard design again because I think that it is the easiest to do after dots. Haha! Forgive me for the countless leopard designs, unless you can give me an great idea for my next one! ^^



I have a little tip for yellowish finger nails! Because I did a side-swipe on my index, middle and ring fingers, I didn’t want the yellowish tint of my fingernails to show (eek!!). So I did a coat of Seche Rose on my nails and then use Essie Tangerine to do a side-swipe. It definitely helps in hiding the yellowish tint, and giving it a healthy glow! Now nobody will know that you actually have yellow-orangey nails underneath a lovely mani 🙂

I came across a nail blog (sorry, I’ve forgotten whose is it!) and she described it as ‘a dot within a dot’. I think that was pretty cute! She also included a picture tutorial. I ended up doing the ‘dot within a dot’ design on my pinkie and thumb. A very bizarre combination of leopard prints and abstract nail art but hey, I make it work didn’t it? 😛




LOBSTER HANDS ALERT!!!!! LOL. I fail at taking photos of my right hand :/

Anyway, My cuticles look so alive now! I went bareless last night and slapped on lots of Lush Lemony Flutter and pushed my cuticles back and TA-DAHHHHHHH clean and moisturized cuticles! I’m still left with quite alot of that stuff and its expiring this coming December 😦 how I wish good stuff last forever… hehe!



10 thoughts on “Abstract Leopard Nail Design

    • Haha it isn’t from there! She wasn’t the original creator of this idea! It isn’t any links that I put on my blogroll too, it not I would have known who the author is! 🙂

    • Hmm that’s a complex design for me! I’ll see whether I can re-create this look, but no promises! (since
      I’m not a pro)

      But my friend, Kim on ladeekim.onsugar.com alrdy did this design and it’s on her blog! Maybe you can request a tutorial from her too! 😉

    • I got it from cherublips.livejournal when they had it instock. I don’t think they have it right now, but u can get it from a Lush spree at smoochiezz.com

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