OPI Mermaid’s Tears V.S. Orly Ancient Jade

Hey all! I just finished one paper, I have 4 more to go! I may be lacking in updates this week so please bear with me! :>

Anyway, I have another comparison for you guys! I got the whole collection of Orly Precious and a couple of colours are very similar to the ones I have in my stash! I think there’s already alot of comparison swatches for these two floating in the net but I just want to give my two cents worth on these.


OPI Mermaid’s Tears is much more blue, murky and darker compared with Orly Ancient Jade while the latter is leaning more to the minty side and it is a touch brighter. Definitely not dupes but the differences are not noticeable (refer to last picture) unless you look closely (refer to second picture) .

Regarding the formula, I prefer OPI. Reason being, this collection of Orly really made me crazy. No… not the good type of crazy. The formula for Orly’s were really very very thick. I tried to thin them out by using Seche Restore but no matter how many drops I put in and roll them, the consistency is still the same. I hate to say this but, Orly is going to be in my ‘bad book of polish’ (nah, I don’t have this book; it’s more of a mental note) . The formula isn’t right, and the brush is picking up way too much polish. Sigh… I don’t see anyone giving a bad review on Orly but why does formula issues happen to me?? ;(


Under Direct Sunlight:


6 thoughts on “OPI Mermaid’s Tears V.S. Orly Ancient Jade

  1. I faced such issues with Orly too… Not sure why.

    Used OPI Thinner to help too but apparently, it doesn’t really work. *Sighs.*

    Anyway, all the best for your papers. =)

    • Yeah I don’t get it too 😦 the old Orly formula was much more manageable than the new ones!!!! I hope they change it back!

      I was thinking of changing thinner so that it might work but it seems like it’s not working for yours too! :/

      Hehe thanks!!!! ^^ all the best to yours (if you have any exams/tests)

  2. Is it me or what, but I bought a bunch of orly foil collection to try. Immediately as I open the bottle, I capped it back within a sec bcos the smell is beyond earth.

    I hate having this smelly brand in my stash =P!

  3. Awww man, I ordered Ancient Jade as well and they look really similar.. I guess I never thought of comparing it to Mermaid’s Tears, ughhh…

    • Lol! But they are not entirely similar so you didn’t waste any $$! Haha let me know what you think of Orly’s formula, I don’t think I’m the only one lol

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