Gumdrop Accent For Pink Wednesday!

Hello lovelies! It’s Wednesday again! I can’t believe that time passes by so quickly. I’m currently in the middle of my exam and I have two more papers to go! I seriously cannot wait till Friday!! I’m gonna take out all my nail art tools and accessories and start doing a proper nail art design πŸ™‚

Anyway, yesterday morning my pet hamster; Random passed away. 😦 we buried him near a tree beside our house. Sometimes I come home thinking that he will still be there but in actual fact, he isn’t anymore. I am missing him and I miss the times where I shout his name out loud and jolt him from his sleep πŸ˜₯

Okay, back to polish!! On Wednesdays we wear pink and I picked OPI I’m Indi-A Mood For Love. It does sounds like I’m In A Mood For Love. I love the word pun!!!! Thumbs up for OPI for the wackiest names. I giggled to myself once I figured out the hidden meaning, lol!


OPI I’m Indi-A Mood For Love is a beautiful dark pink with a touch of magenta in it. I love this one. Its looks cool on my skin tone and I really like it!

As the title suggests, I did an gumdrop accent nail on my ring finger with lots of random dots of different colours! They really look like candies and I thought of gumdrops! Okay… now they look more like those Willy Wonka Gobstoppers, haha! I drew a white heart (in case you can’t tell…) and decorated the borders with gold beads. I was debating on whether to choose silver beads or gold ones and I’m glad I went with the gold. Gold complements white much better πŸ˜€




Here’s my lefty:


Please refer to the tags for polishes used if you’re interested! I’ll finish up doing any requests/tutorials hopefully by this weekend! ❀


2 thoughts on “Gumdrop Accent For Pink Wednesday!

  1. Aww…so sorry to hear about Random; hope you’ve got tons of happy memories to help you heal (but I am a little concerned about you liking to jolt the poor little guy out of his sleep…lol!!) That mani looks so pretty & girly…you really are quite talented Shona! Good luck with your exam and final papers! πŸ™‚

    • Haha opps! Cus my hamster is pretty sensitive to noises, especially my voice. He knows when I call him which is pretty awesome because I think most of the hamsters don’t even respond to their owners, lol. (haha it’s quite amusing to see him wide awake whenever I call him, I’m not abusing him or anything!)

      Lol thank you Eugenia! ❀ you always say the best compliments!

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