OPI Who The Shrek Are You?

Good morning! I’m feeling the Monday Blues which I hope everyone hates. It’s back to school again, my life isn’t interesting anymore, haha! Lessons till 5pm today and I’m already tired. Oh, and I received news last night from the Halloween Horrors team that there will be a 2nd review today. I’m not sure what’s going on but I hope I’m selected!

And guess what? It’s a rare occurrence that I kept my floral mani for 4 days already! There’s no sign of chipping or tip wear, yay! But I’d probably remove it tonight because I’m kinda sick of the design :/ I need to try something new!!


OPI Who The Shrek Are You? is a lovely muddy eeky green and can be related to baby poo. How contradicting. I just said that it was lovely and eeky, lol! Anyway, I think this is definitely in the same colour range as Shrek but it isn’t the exact colour though. In my opinion, Shrek is much more darker and greener than this.

I think I did 3 coats here… I kinda have short term memory now lol!




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