OPI Senorita Rose-alita

Hiya everyone!!! 😛 so the second review of the Halloween Horrors took placed yesterday and I totally screwed it up!! 😦 I wasn’t prepared for an impromptu audition. I still hope I’ll be selected though! I’ll cry a river if they don’t. (just kidding)

Anyway I’ve been bombarded with lots of questions on my formspring recently, which is nice 🙂 keep them coming! I’ll answer every one of them, I promise! However, if they are repeated questions, I may not answer so please look over the ‘smile’ tab at formspring or click the FAQ tab I have here 😀


OPI Senorita Rose-alita is a dark warm pink but the huge amount of golden shimmer kinda lights it up and make it look much lighter than it is. It is one of the polishes that I picked up at Smoochiezz flea at the Expo and it is the only polish that I was the most excited about because the shimmers in this one is C-R-A-Z-Y! This looks really appropriate for mums and work, and I think it would be so flattering on all skin tones!

This one is an old polish from the Mexico collection. I can’t remember what year it was released but this bottle still have black labels on and there’s no pro-wide brush that OPI is so famous for. But, I still had a very fine time applying this; it practically flowed like butter! I did 3 coats here.


My pictures doesn’t do this polish any justice! It is so much vibrant in real life! Here it is with flash! The colour is more true to this picture 🙂


There’s already slight chipping at my nail tips even though I only applied it last night. I’m glad OPI changed their formula, it’s much more long lasting than those with the black labels!


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