China Glaze Blue Iguana


Blue Iguana looks like a normal blue glass-flecked in its bottle but on the nails, it totally reveals its true nature, like a chameleon! It’s a beautiful medium blue glass flecked with tiny blue and purple shimmers in it. The purple only shows up at certain angles, which makes this polish a little special than my other blue glass-flecked polishes!


China Glaze’s formula for this year has been rather thick. I’m not a fan of that because it gets goopy at half the time. :/ Also, its a little tricky to apply. I did 3 coats here. It does look sheer in the pics but IRL, it really isn’t!



And because I was about to take off my mani, I finally successfully did a tape mani! This is totally inspired by Chloe’s Nails but I can never do a tape mani correctly after doing a fresh mani because the tape will definitely destroy my base colour! 😦 I’m not a pro in this so that explains the jagged lines instead of straight ones. I need more practice!




2 thoughts on “China Glaze Blue Iguana

  1. Wow, Blue Iguana is pretty! Really looks like an iguana that glows.

    No worries about the tape mani.

    The lines look pretty straight from a distance.
    Imperfection = I’m perfection. =D

    • Haha yeah! I received lots of compliments from my friends saying that it’s a great colour! You should definitely get this colour if you haven’t! They thought it was metallic hahaha!
      Thank you! Still not a pro at tape manis and probably never will! I like doing things freehand hehe

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