Double Accent Blue Floral Nail Design

Hiya! Sorry for the late posting, I went to Universal Studios Singapore today and I’m so so so so tired right now!!! I think I walked for over 12 hours, and I’m really not kidding about that number. The weather is hot as usual, but luckily not a rainy one 😀 This is actually my second time there and this time I went because of my Dad’s company family event! We ended up walking away with the top prize of the treasure hunt of $100 vouchers because I’m just too smart at giving the correct answers, LOL! (self-praise here, I’m sorry!) Hehe, and we used the vouchers for our fab dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel! The food was meh and it was too overpriced. I think even Botak Jones’ Fish & Chips tasted much better.

Anyway, I’m not sure whether I’m the first to do a double accent nail design… but here it is!!!! 😀 I love doing floral designs so I decided to duplicate it in a different colour!


I used Essie Lapis Of Luxury on my middle and ring fingers and the rest with Essie Aruba Blue. I did 3 coats for all. Lapis Of Luxury is a beautiful cornflower blue, it isn’t pastel nor a bright; its somewhere in the middle. It is also a little bit streaky. After the second coat, it wasn’t even completely opaque yet. I worn this mani for about 10 hours before it chipped on my index finger :/

As usual, look over to the tags to find out what polishes I used! 😉



Decided to do something out of my norm today, so here’s a few USS photos to spice things up a little!


Kungfu Panda! He’s sooo cute hahaha! Big and round!


We caught 2 Betty Boopers today! I like the second one better because she was so much more friendly! (I don’t like how the first BP is touching my dad’s chest, argh!) That’s my mum’s twin sister if you’re wondering who’s the extra lady, lol.


Woody Woodpecker! Look at my oily hair, you guys!


I certainly look like a tourist with that cap on. -_-

Alright so that’s about the photos that I wanna share! We didn’t take alot of photos because we’ve forgotten to bring our dslr :<

Have a lovely Sunday!!


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