Essie Fair Game

Hello! Sorry for the late postings these days, I’ve been busy with school work! Anyway I have exciting news to share! The Halloween Horrors team contacted me and said I was shortlisted from my auditions! (WOOHOOOO!!!) so I need to attend a briefing tomorrow and a training camp next weekend in order to be on the scare actors team! I’m already looking forward for this year’s Halloween 😀

They actually sent me an email saying I was not selected the day before and I was feeling kinda bummed out. They apologized for the error the day after and voila… I’m IN!!!! 😀

Lol ok sorry for the long intro, I get too hyped up at times! 😛


Essie Fair Game is a frosty gunmetal blue-grey with silver shimmer. Frost polishes are my least favorite but I don’t know why I bought this but I’m loving it! The brush strokes wasn’t that visible on the nail which I’m really surprised at because frosty polishes always have this poison factor that most of us dislike.

Anyway I really like the colour of this one and how it looks on me! I did 2 coats here and application was a breeze. But exactly 12 hours later, I had an enormous chip at my thumb and subsequently on my ring finger as well. I guess Essie doesn’t last a day on me :/ how I wish the formula was as good as the colour!



I need to go finish up my tutorials now because I need to study for an important test this coming Tuesday! 😉 Goodnight!


8 thoughts on “Essie Fair Game

  1. You have such gorgeous nails and your skin tone is flattered by most anything. Love this on you, you totally rock this.

    Good luck with the Scare Camp kiddo 😀

    • Haha thank you!! You are so nice lol! Lol but I have to disagree that my skintone looks good with most colours, haha!

      Hehe definitely will do a follow up on that Halloween thingy haha

    • Yeah I like this colour too for some reason… Even though it’s frosty haha! It’s a pity I cut off my long nails already 😦 i couldn’t stand the different lengths on my nails hahaha

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