Tribal Nail Design

Hello everyone! So today I’ve got a nail design to show you 😉 it isn’t that complicated like it looks though, and this design won me lots of compliments throughout the day! One of my tutor wanted to take a pic of my nails and show it to her daughter because her daughter was interested in nails as well. (I didn’t let her take a photo of my nails afterall because I was so embarrassed!) Haha!

As usual, I’m not the original creator of this design! I followed this tutorial from cutepolish@Youtube!

Subscribe to her if you haven’t! I always love her simple and beautiful designs! 😀


The base colour that I’m using is OPI Play The Peonies. I’ll talk about this shade more in upcoming entries! The rest, I used my striper polishes from Color Club and Art Deco so nothing special there! Except that for the dots, I used OPI Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees.

I like how each nail is a different design that I spun off from the top of my head! (except my pointer finger of cause! I copied the exact design from the tutorial) I don’t really like how it turned out at first because it looks pretty neat from far but when I zoomed in… all I can see was messy slanted lines and irregular dots :/



I’ve been sourcing for goodies for my giveaway and I’m excited!!!!!! 🙂 hopefully I can reach 50 subscribers fast so that I can release the details soon! ❤


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