Models Own Baby Blues

Good evening! I’m about to head out for dinner soon so a short post for today! 😉


Models Own Baby Blues is a sky blue creme. Looks kinda similar with OPI What’s With The Cattitude so I will post a comparison soon! I did 2 coats here and it dried a tinge darker from the bottle. My fingers and cuticles are getting kinda dry in these photos but it honestly isn’t that bad haha, stupid camera lol! (I apologise for the awkward dot on my middle finger lol, stupid pen!) I don’t know what’s wrong lately but it chipped on my pointer finger in less than 12 hours! 😦

Oh I forgot to explain about my stubby short pointer finger. As usual, my nail broke last week and I managed to prevent it from splitting off by applying a layer of nail glue before adding on base coat and colour. I guess it’s only temporary because my nail couldn’t take it anymore and broke entirely 2 days ago. 😦 I’m not sure whether I should cut/file down my other nails too because I really like the current length of these!



Thanks for dropping by! ^^


2 thoughts on “Models Own Baby Blues

  1. Until you mentioned it, I didn’t even notice that your nail had broken….I was too busy staring at how lovely your swatch looks and admiring how well it goes against your skin…lol!

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