A Touch Of Bling!!

It’s a lovely day today… because it’s the 26th ❤ Happy 11th month anniversary to my boyfriend 😉 He has always stuck with me on my nail polish ventures, especially when I go to fleas to buy polishes and he stands around and picking up polishes and asking me what colour it is hahahaha and he was also absolutely fascinated about the shatter polishes! He always tells me which colour looks good on me and most of the time he was absolutely right. Hehe he’s like my nail buddy because whenever I have a new colour on… I take a photo of it and whatsapp him 😉

Anyway, I love wearing darker shades when my nails are short so here’s another dark colour that I want to show you 😉 OPI Light My Sapphire has been sitting on my untried list for a very very long time and I’m glad I’ve finally used it.


OPI Light My Sapphire is a vampy dark blue with very fine silver microshimmer. It’s kinda like a half-frost and half-shimmer dark blue, because it looks frosty on my nail but yet it does have shimmer in it. I added 2 coats of China Glaze Medallion as an accent nail and it looks pretty good to me! Love how the gold complements the dark blue!!



My Seche Vite topcoat is bubbling up on this mani if you look closely… I think I might wanna change my topcoat to Poshe once I’m done using it. I’m kinda freaked out on the SV fact on pregnant ladies… eeek! I wouldn’t want that to happen to me in the future. 😡


4 thoughts on “A Touch Of Bling!!

  1. Congrats on the anniversary. I hope you two do something lovely. Oh now I want the topcoat. I have a silver one from China Glaze and one from PA (I love Dear Laura). I’ve gone blingy mad!!!!

    I know Seche Vite has that lovely shiney payoff, but the whole toxic thing and the fact that it has about a six month shelf life till it turns to goo is a turn off. I’ve been using the China Glaze top coat and it’s nice, not as good but nice. I’m also trying the Sally Hansen one, that one is good too. I am looking for one that gives good shine though and is good for your nail too. The search continues.

    • Haha thank you! But we didn’t do anything fancy because I had a test in the evening and we couldn’t meet up 😦 lol.

      Oh I’ve tried China Glaze Fast Forward and it’s pretty good but it doesn’t dry as fast as SV or Poshe! I always have bedsheet marks all over my mani when I wake up the next day 😦

      Haha try Poshe! It’s really good and it’s on par with SV! the good thing is it doesn’t really become gooey and thick after a few uses. And it dries really fast too! I always have to put lots of thinner to SV to thin it a little!

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