Daisies Nail Design

It was raining this morning and I couldn’t snap pics outside 😦 But it was great going school on a rainy day because there’s an excuse to be late πŸ˜€ LOL!

I missed last week’s Pink Wednesday because I got caught up in schoolwork and didn’t change my mani! So here’s a fun pink to make up for it! Today’s inspiration design was fromΒ Rina! Her nail art is gorgeous!!! My daisies didn’t turn out as well as hers… mine was too pointed, haha! But it was a good try for me! The flowers are all done with acrylic paint.


Barry M Fuchsia is a lovely shade of dark red-tone pink creme (it’s actually much darker than it is pictured here). The formula was top-notch, very smooth and pigmented and can be a one-coater if you put it on thick.

I added sparkly 2.4mm korean rhinestones on my ring finger which I got from eBay for about USD2.44. It actually arrived last night and I was so excited to use it that I just slapped it on my mani, lol. Its cheap but yet retains the shine after topcoat. I used to buy those 1800 rhinestones in nail wheels from eBay and those are about 1.5mm and they’re shiny but after putting on a topcoat… they completely lose their shine. Its feels like the topcoat clogged up near the rhinestones and blocking out the light from hitting it. These new rhinestones that I have on are incredible! They are still sparkly and shiny even after a thick topcoat, which I am so thankful for! πŸ˜‰



Goodnight! (:


14 thoughts on “Daisies Nail Design

  1. Oh wow, you are such a little artist my darlin’. Everytime I come here I want to play with my nails. I wonder about left on right, you know because I’m right handed. How do you deal with that?

    • Haha thank you! Firstly that takes alot of practice! Haha I’ve been painting my nails like 2 years ago so I think I have a somewhat steady hand by now! I’d suggest to concentrate on painting your nails well first before venturing into nail art! πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I think you’ve outdone yourself with this mani, Shona! It makes me feel so happy just looking at it! Would love to have you do my nails one day…lol!!

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