Milani Hi-Tech

I just got home from pasam malam (which means night market in Malay) and I got myself a nude/beige bag! It was big enough for my school stuff so yay! I ate so much there just now too… Lol!

Sigh…. as much as I love holographic polishes, I can never photograph them properly! 😦 I took a bunch of photos indoors and outdoors and only these turned out fine but it still doesn’t accurately show the exact colour!! *frustrated* For more accurate swatches of these, I suggest Scrangie! My camera failed me 😦


Milani Hi-Tech is a gorgeous lime green scattered holo. It doesn’t have a strong holo effect like OPI DS Original, but its still pretty! It dried like 2 shades darker than the bottle which was odd. It might have been due to the 3 thin coats that I did!



Oh wow I just love how the flash photo turned out but… it still isn’t the exact colour! 😦

I find that this post is meaningless. LOL.

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