The Battle of the Blacks!

I’m sick today so thank goodness for a draft post!

So one of my readers requested these ages ago on my formspring for swatches of OPI My Private Jet and Color Club Revvvolution so here they are! Sorry they took so long :/

Individual swatches first…



Even though it is said that Color Club Revvvolution is a black holo… the version that I got wasn’t. It was a flat black with fine silver micro shimmer in it. BORING…. I hate it when companies come up with so many different versions with the same colour because it is so unfair to most of us 😦 That’s the riskiness of buying online, I thought mine was a holo and I ended up buying a boring black colour which was really mehhhh. Even OPI Black Onyx looks so much sophisticated.



Again… this colour was said to be holo and OPI made a dull and holo version. Obviously I got the dull version but at least this has sparse holo glitter in it! It is definitely lighter than Color Club Revvvolution.


Lastly, here are the comparisons! I don’t think I need to comment further on the colours… both of them are so different but yet similar in some ways (I’m talking about these companies doing different versions of the same product, argh!)

Keep your requests coming! I’ll definitely do comparisons if I have the polishes 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Battle of the Blacks!

  1. There is a dud verison of the Color Club, The company is trying to fix the mistake and re-release the color as it was originally intended.
    As for the OPI, there are about 5+ versions: a gray holo, a brown holo, a brown with teal flash, a brown dud, and yours which seems to be a brown with some glitter particles. OPI has never acknowledges taht there are different versions. The holo versions of My Private Jet go for $$$ on ebay.
    I like the ones that you have, even if they were not exactly what you were expecting.

  2. i really wanted to get My Private Jet at first, but read many reviews that there are different batches so I went ahead to get Revvvolution instead and mine was okay! Maybe you should try getting it again? Order from 8ty8beauty cos mine was from there and it was okay! (:

    • Haha I don’t really like black holos so I’m okay with my current bottle lol! Cuz if I get another one, I’m not sure what to do with the non-holo revvvoution. :/

    • Haha yep definitely waste of money… 😦 I wish retailers will let us know whether they had the holo version or not!

      I think my Fashion Addict isn’t that holo as well :/

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