Polka Dot with Swirling Roses Nail Design

Hey all! I promised a nail art post so here it is 😉 the sun was scorching hot this afternoon when I woke up so hence the super bright pics! ^^


I’m not a very original person so I can’t help it by doing another rose design! I did it by using a different technique and I have to say that it didn’t turn out well. :/ it doesn’t even look like roses anymore, just spots of blobby mess! I definitely need to find a super sharp and thin pointer that I can use for the swirling. My smallest dotting tool was still too big for this.

Polishes that I used are listed at the end of the post under tags. I used acrylic paint with the roses.


I think my right hand turned out better than my left!! The roses looked more proportionate lol.



I hope these designs of mine didn’t bore you to death. I am still experimenting! Haha, recently I learnt yet another technique to draw flowers so I’m gonna try it out very soon! Expect a nail art post this weekend or the next!

Have a lovely day ahead! ❤


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