Good afternoon everyone! I’m at my school campus on a Saturday to do a law project (which totally sucks… schools should ban all project meetings to be held during weekends!!) and that’s the bad part of being a student. There’s never a day that I can do nothing at all. There’s always lots of tutorials to complete and projects to be rushed, argh.

Anyway, to liven up my day, here’s a lovely dazzle polish that I’d like to show you 🙂


OPI DS Glow practically lights up and brightens my skin tone! It is so bright and sparkly because of the admixture of copper, bronze and gold shimmers! The shade remains cool despite the heavy amount of shimmer from the same colour spectrum. I managed to score a good deal of this from a flea… a designer series polish that is only $10, yay! The best part about this polish is that it isn’t exactly glitter even though it is so so bright so this makes the removal process ALOT easier! But beware of lots of micro shimmer flooding your cuticles!



Have a lovely Saturday! I am in need of an ice-cream right now! THE SUN IS BEING RIDICULOUS.


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