Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore!!

Today’s is 9th August and its the birthday of my home country! πŸ™‚ I didn’t draw any crescent moon or 5 stars on my mani, I kept it simple by doing a side-swipe of red and white.


I am a big fail… I tried to do a plait design on my ring finger as an accent nail and after I’m done with it and showed it to my boyfriend, he asked me why did I paint England’s flag on my middle nail. LOL…. I AM SUCH A FAILURE. When I was drawing it… I didn’t even have England on my mind lol.



Haha I did a red shatter on my middle finger on my right hand and I think it looks so much appropriate! I’m such a muddle-head, geez! :/


Anyway for some fun, here are my top 10 reasons on why I love Singapore!!

1. I can walk along the streets of Singapore way past midnight without being afraid of getting robbed. Our safety in this country is excellent!
2. We have the biggest variety of local food available at the cheapest prices! From Hainanese Chicken Rice toΒ Laksa to Rojak to Lor Mee to Mee Siam to Roti Prata… we have it all from different races!
3. A conversation by Singaporeans can have a mix of English, Singlish, Chinese, Malay and other dialects such as Hokkien and Cantonese! We are so versatile at our languages!
4. Our corruption and crime rates are so low.
5. No worries about earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunami etc.
6. Our Changi International Airport is one of the best around the world! Since its opening in 1981, our airport has won over 360 awards for being the best in cleanliness and customer service!
7. We drink our own pee. That’s right… we have this NEWater system that takes water from our drains and pipes and turns ‘dirty’ water into ‘clean’ ones for our consumption.
8. You will never get cheated or over charged in our cabs. EVER.
10. Haha… last one… we love complaining! LOL

I’m kinda sad that its our President S.R. Nathan last national day parade with us. He has been with us for 11 long years πŸ™‚ I’m currently watching the NDP now so see yaaaa all πŸ™‚

even Google celebrated it with us πŸ˜€



12 thoughts on “Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore!!

  1. That is so cool! I love learning about different countries! My husband and I should vacation there sometime, it looks beautiful.

  2. Oh Happy Birthday Lovely Singapore!!!!!!

    And I didn’t see a Union Jack (British Flag) at all. You need a blue back ground and two more diagonal stripes for that. Silly boyfriend.

    I’ve always wanted to live in Sinagpore for a while, but it sounds so hot and muggy. I feel physically ill in that sort of weather. But I really want to be there…ugh…

    • Haha ur boyfriend thought I drew a Union Jack?? LOL.

      It isn’t that bad though, take it as a beach day! It’s super sunny but we have lots of trees to block the sunlight, hahaha!

      • No I meant your boyfriend thought it looked like a Union Jack which is England’s flag. I thought that’s what he thought it looked like, which I don’t think it does. Sorry for the confusion.

      • Lol I mean it looks like an England flag? The one with the white background and red stripes? I’m positive that’s England lol! (correct me if I’m wrong) haha

      • OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH…..I get it, I was thinking of the UK Union Jack, sorry about that. I guess it does look like the Flag of England a little, but with glitter, do you think we can get them to add glitter to their flag, it would be soooo pretty.

      • Lol, that would be awesome if glitter is added but I’m not so sure how are they gonna print flags with glitter! Haha I don’t think it’s allowed though unless we have a country named Glitterati or something LOL

  3. I love the red shatter one!

    Perhaps, you could do half red-half white on your nails?
    Hmmm… But that will be kinda plain.

    I have seen some nail art stickers which carry the Singapore flag.
    Teehee… Instead of doing it on the face, we could do it on the nails.
    Wonderful! =D

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