When Classic Meets Techno Nail Design

Hey guys!!! So I dug my old digital camera out and finally decided to put it to good use! My family abandoned that camera years ago because we got a DSLR. Because I’m such a noob, I’m still not familiar with the functions and this is the main reason why I’ve not used it for any of my nail swatches yet. The digital camera that I’ll be using from today onwards will be Panasonic DMC-FX10. It’s actually a really old model and it has only about 7 megapixels (I think). At least that is better than my current iPhone 4 that I’ve been using from the start to take pics of my nails. Amazing, isn’t it?

Anyway, let me know if this camera has an improvement to my swatches because if not, I will switch back to using my iPhone 4, lol. I like this digital camera much better because it can zoom in w/o making my pics blurry. But, it doesn’t really have that ‘bright’ factor that I always have in my swatches.

Okay…. back to nails. You should have noticed the weird title of this nail design and yes, I AM NOT THAT CREATIVE in naming all my nail designs 😛 It gets harder and harder after every nail art post, trust me! I am inspired by ClaraH and here’s my rendition of it. 🙂 I’m definitely going to redo this and this time without the accent glitter nails. Also, I think the leaves of my roses are so awkward!! I should have drawn a pair for a rose.


I am using Dior Blue Label as a base for my accent nails, topped with Barry M Blue Glitter. OMG… Barry M Blue Glitter is so densely packed, it is more of a turquoise fine glitter in a clear base! I did a blue base underneath because I thought most glitter will be sparse and randomly spread out but this one is such a beautiful exception. LOVE! ❤

The base colour on my other nails is Barry M Strawberry Ice-cream, I apologise for the colour difference because no matter how I photograph it, the colour doesn’t show up! :/ It is actually a bubblegum pink.

Roses are drawn with acrylic paint. Other colours used will be listed under the tags section.






12 thoughts on “When Classic Meets Techno Nail Design

  1. This is gorgeous! The leaves don’t look awkward to me!
    I think I prefer this camera as the photos are less blur compared to the iPhone. Perhaps you should try adjusting the white balance on the camera so that the colors will be more accurate? Hope you’re not offended… Hahaha…

    • Wow thanks, that’s a great tip! 😀 no I’m not offended, I’m glad there’s feedback! I’m not so sure how to correct the white balance on the camera, but I will try! ^^

      Thanks so much, hehe

  2. I love the roses, they’re so pretty they almost look like stickers it’s so well done. That was supposed to be a compliment. This camera is good, but you know the iPhone wasn’t doing such a bad job. BTW, I referenced your blog in my last post, I just wanted to let you know. I had wanted to ask you if it was OK to link to your blog but I didn’t get a chance to mention it till now. Let me know if it’s alright, if not I can take it off.

    Here’s the link

    • Hi there, thank you :> I like it when people tell me that my nail art looks like stickers hahaha!

      Yep sure you can use my photos or whatever as long as you credit and link it back to my blog 🙂

      Haha yeah, it’s amazing how good an iPhone is! I am actually thinking of switching back lol

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