Models Own Becca’s Brown

Wow, this morning it was raining cats and dogs. It rained ever since I woke up at 9.30AM and it didn’t stop until I reach home at 3PM! That’s crazy… I think we might have a flood here in Singapore somewhere, lol. Also, because it was raining; the weather was super chilly and it was such a great weather to sleep in. Unfortunately, I had to force myself out of bed for my driving lessons 😦


So what I have on my nails right now is Models Own Becca’s Brown! I think of creamy milk chocolate and Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies when I see this shade, its so pretty! This was completely opaque in one coat, YAY! But I did two anyway, haha.

Anyway, I apologise for the dents, blurs and the graininess of this baby :/ This photo came out blurred and I tried to fix it and that’s the best I can do. I was rushing out this morning hence the slipshod work in taking pictures :<


Oh and a funny thing happened today…. LOL I CANNOT STOP GIGGLING TO MYSELF. My boyfriend came over today and he flooded my kitchen. Yep… because my parents were using the washing machine and we have this long tube that connects to the washing machine that purges all the dirty water out of the washing. My bf went to the toilet and he took out the long tube from the toilet and placed it on the floor. Minutes later, he opened the door to find that the kitchen was flooded. He ran to my room and told me ‘KITCHEN FLOODEDDD!!’ LOL. That sentence gave me a shock and I ran to the kitchen with him. My dad, him and I ended up mopping the entire kitchen because it was wet everywhere.

I had such an adventure tonight, hahaha!


4 thoughts on “Models Own Becca’s Brown

    • Hi!! 😀 I only own 2 Models Own so I can’t really put my judgement down but I really like the formula and the brush! The polish itself is thick which is good for people who do one-coaters but it gets thicken up very fast when I was applying on my nails so that needs a few drops of thinner!

      • You know, for some reason it looks thick, but the sort of clumpy sort of thick so it’s sort of a problem application. That’s terrible that you have to alter it just to be able to use it.

        You know I like a good one coat polish, but I like it to not be thick and icky. I find Deborah Lippmann has a few cream shades that are fluid, apply well and decent in one coat. I want to try Nails Inc. next.

      • Haha it isn’t clumpy at all, it’s just thick! I didn’t put thinner in mine for this mani but I might put it the next time I use it to get the consistent I want 🙂

        Oh yes I love DL, but I think I have only own a few of their cremes so idk lol! But I love their glitters 😀 I’ve heard of Nails Inc and I wanna try it too, but unfortunately ASOS doesn’t ship those to my country anymore 😦

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