Barry M Tangerine

The Sun is in its full glory today, yippee! Today was kinda calm and quiet, because I get to stay home all alone! Sometimes I like having moments like these, especially when I’m stressed out… oh and I watched Tom & Jerry cartoons a few hours ago and how I wish I was still a kid!! Good times, good times.

Today’s NOTD is yet another beautiful polish from Barry M! 🙂 I am deeply in love with this brand. It has a wide array of colours and the formula and brush is fantastic. Not to mention those quirky, tiny bottles too! I’ve been getting lots of questions on where I get my Barry M and the definite answer is eBay! The seller name is beauty.cosmeticsuk


Barry M Tangerine is a bright orange with golden shimmer. I’ve read other reviews about Barry M and one of them claimed that Barry M’s polishes are always thin and needed 4 coats to be opaque. Not trying to be sarcastic here but… 4 coats?! That’s an exaggeration. I always do 2 coats for my Barry M’s and they never looked better. :>

I’m actually loving what I see here. In terms of the quality of these photos. I’m glad I switched to this digital cam! I apologise for the inconsistency for the photos before because I’ve not gotten the hang of taking swatch pics with that. And the pics of Models Own Becca’s Brown is a far cry from those photos seen here. I might have to retake that, haha!




6 thoughts on “Barry M Tangerine

  1. Hey.. i was also thinking of getting barry M polish and when i click into your ebay seller website, she no longer ships to Singapore.. i was wondering why.. i have another ebay seller whom i always buy from and recently, she also no longer ships to singapore.. any idea why?

      • i would like to ask but her range of Barry M colors is very limited… only two colors available.. 😦 i wanna find something i like before asking.. btw, i asked my own ebay seller abt this issue and although i din get a direct reply as to why singapore is excluded, i was allowed to buy from her again coz i had purchase history with her. maybe u can ask and get some direct reply?

      • I wouldn’t ask that eBay seller since she has only 2 colours. I wouldn’t bother much because I know I can get Barry M from their official site 🙂

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