Orly Royal Velvet

Last night was pretty exciting for Singapore, most of us were glued to the tv because of our 7th President election results! Even though I am still considered a minor and not allowed to vote, I was very interested in this whole thing. Dr Tony Tan emerged as our President by winning 35% of the votes. I’m kinda eternally voting for Dr Tan Cheng Bok who had 34% of the votes! Such a close fight!!

Also, it was raining the whole day yesterday so it was pretty chilly. Even switching on the fan sent me shivers, lol!

Anyway enough of the presidency talk, let’s get down to nail business!


Orly Royal Velvet is a dark plum with a light blue duochrome. This is an oddball from the Precious collection 2011. My sole intention in getting the whole collection was for this lovely shade. I love how the light blue particles is showing up against the dark base colour!

I had no issues or problems with the formula, this was an exception from the rest of the collection. (the others from the collection was really horrible!)




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