American Apparel Hunter

Good morning!!! I’m still in bed, hahahaha! I hope you know I’m that awesome because I could still do a blog post when I’m half-awake!

Today’s my last paper and I’m glad it’s going be over and I’ll enjoy 6 weeks of holiday!!! 🙂


American Apparel Hunter is a luscious deep dark army green. This is such a perfect deep green and it’s great that it doesn’t look close to black. It’s so perfect for Fall!

And, I must applaud American Apparel for creating gorgeous colours for their nail line! I’ve no idea how fantastic their colours were until I decided to try them by ordering from the site. (Yes.. It took me close to 8 months to swatch this colour haha!) No issues with formula and look how shiny they are even without a top coat! I also like the names on their polishes, very simple but yet have a punch of their quirky taste for names.

I got the nail sets that they have on offer and I ordered the ‘Earth Tones’ pack. I believe it is still instock! I’m definitely re-purchasing the other sets as soon I have the extra cash! 😉



So what do you think about this colour? Yay or nay?


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