American Apparel Echo Park

Hey guys! I’m blogging at Hongkong so isn’t this awesome??? πŸ˜€

I went to H&M and the ladies market last night and I practically went crazy. I bought quite a number of things for cheap! Because the Singapore H&M just opened on 3 Sept and it was crazy! The queue is insane because we have to queue to get in, argh. Lots of security guards to and only a few people are allowed to go in at a time. Kinda retarded because the store is going to be there for at least a few years so stop queuing people! Lol.

Haha excessive rant, lol. Anyway I removed my gelish mani because it chipped on me last week so I peeled them off even though I know it isn’t nice haha!


American Apparel Echo Park is soft neutral grey creme, very light and flattering! This was 2 coats!




4 thoughts on “American Apparel Echo Park

  1. Hey, just wanna know, where do you buy your seche vie top coat and how much is it? did you buy it at smoochiezz’s showroom?

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