China Glaze First Mate + Nubar 2010

Hello everyone!!! I’M BACK πŸ˜€ the bad thing is… I broke about 5 nails during the trip and I cut them off. I forgot to bring any filers or nail clippers so thats the most unfortunate thing. Now I have very bad and short nails and it looks horrible! So I’ll be posting up a few of my draft posts and I’ll do a loot post from Hongkong if that’s okay with you guys. I just wanna take this opportunity to let my nails grow abit πŸ™‚ so do pardon me if I’m abit lagging in updates because I’m kinda busy this week!



China Glaze First Mate. I don’t think I need to describe this. A perfect nautical navy blue shade. It’s so creamy and a joy to apply! This was one of the best shades in the collection in terms of application. I layered Nubar 2010 over and it’s gorgeous!!! :>



Anyway, what loot post do you want to see first? Accessories, Shoes or Apparel? Haha I’ll get everything up ASAP but I’d like to know what you wanna see first, hehe!

Have a great day~


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