Loot from Hongkong: Shoes

I only bought 4 pairs of shoes during my one week stay at Hongkong! I wished I’ve gotten more though hahaha!

Anyway, these shoes are mostly bought at Mongkok and Fa Yuen Street. There’s tons of shoes in both places and most of the designs they had are repeated. There’s an Argyle Centre in Mongkok which is similar to our Far East Plaza in Singapore. You can’t haggle much at these areas, most probably the maximum you can slash is about HKD$40 which is about SGD$6. Not bad, considering that its a shopping mall. The good thing is, the more you buy, the more discounts you’ll get.

The rate is about SGD$1 to HKD$6.3.


So these are the shoes that I’ve got. šŸ™‚ I’ll list the prices for the individual shoes when I talk about it in detail below šŸ™‚


Black Wooden Wedge, HKD120. This is so comfortable, even though the wedge is about 4 inch high. What I love most about their shoes is that it doesn’t hurt at all, really! The wedges that I got from Singapore mostly hurt my feet but these doesn’t. Super incredible! I like the buckle straps at the sides and the front!


Nude Ribbon Wedge, HKD$80. I know you are probably thinking this looks more like flats but there’s a slight wedge at the bottom which I didn’t photograph it properly, opps! This was the cheapest shoes that I got and it is very comfy as well. This looks really sweet with the big ribbon on the front so I’d probably wear this for my school presentation or for a wedding. My cousin is getting married this November so YAY!


Camel Oxfords, HKD$130. I’ve been lemming for an oxford flats for ages!! I bought this from Argyle Centre first so I thought the price was reasonable because the whole place was selling at the same price. But, I went to Fa Yuen Street and they were selling the same pair for only HKD$100!! I could have saved a few bucks šŸ˜¦


Nude Wings Wedge, HKD$130. I saw this on the rack at one of the shops called Tiffany at Fa Yuen Street and I did a little scream in my mind. I know Singapore’s blogshops did have a preorder for this design and it cost about SGD$50+! This was only about SGD$21, so yippee!! I got myself a good deal hahahaha.

Anyway, the people at Argyle Centre and Fa Yuen Street claimed that many Singaporeans come to their shops and buy shoes in bulk and send it back to SG to sell. They said that Far East Plaza get their shoes mostly from them so if you go to Hongkong, make sure to check out these places because obviously Singapore stores are selling it for a higher price.


And here they are altogether!! You can see my luggage at the back which I’ve not unpacked yet…. lol. I only took out my dirty clothes for washing and my new ones, eep!

So my next loot post would probably be accessories so do stay tuned šŸ™‚


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