OPI Hungary For My Honey

I’ve been kinda slack this whole week, but thank god for a job this weekend at Plaza Singapura! I’ll be working as a Demo Master for iPad 2 so come and say hi! Well, not really a ‘demo master’ but that’s my job title. Kinda cool!! 😀 Looking forward to it though because that’s when I can get to know more people and speak to them.

I’ve been also exercising for the past couple of days! I’m intending to go swimming tomorrow so yay! I’m glad I don’t have to commit for a full-time job now because I don’t have much time. I’m trying to complete as much driving lessons as I can during my school holidays so that I can get my license asap!


OPI Hungary For My Honey is a bronzey colour with golden shimmer. I LOVE THIS! Especially indoors where you can see how the polish glows! This was unfortunately discontinued but I think you can still find it if you stalk eBay or something, haha! I love that this resembles autumn leaves so its so perfect for Fall. (Not that the weather changes in Singapore… 😦 we just get more rainy days!)




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