Barry M Grey

Hello guys! Sorry for the uncalled absence 😦 I wasn’t in the mood to actually post any photos of my nails because they’re still not in good shape. Also, my camera decided to freak out the last few days and the colour wasn’t depicted correctly. I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone in my swatches just because of the colour error. Anyway, now I’m back with my usual nail swatches 🙂 I hope you don’t mind my nibs on my nails though. And another bad thing about short nails is that I cannot wrap my tips with polish, the polish will flow on my skin and gets messy :/ so I apologise if you can see abit of my nail tip.

I don’t think I will continue doing my loot post from HK because the response wasn’t what I expected, sorry!


Barry M Grey is obviously a grey but a dark and warm one. I like this colour alot, this is great for Fall. Sorry for the lack of adjectives and words to describe this colour but holy crap, its gorgeous! You gotta own this one if you love greys!



I’d like to ask a favour from you guys. I can’t stand looking at my short nails so is there any product/treatment that I can use and purchase in Singapore to help in my nail growth? Thank you if you could help and let me know your opinion! 🙂


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