Nailene So Real: Review

Hello everyone! So I was clearing out and packing my Helmer last night and I chanced upon these fake nails that I’ve yet to use. I bought these months ago on sg_beauty community on Livejournal. I think I got these for $5. I don’t think these are available in Singapore unless you order from Drugstore(?), I’m not so sure either sorry!

Mine isn’t this set, I was just showing you guys how the set looks like. My actual set french tips was much more bigger and the nails tips are wider.

This set includes 24 fake nails in 12 sizes and it includes a mini plastic cuticle pusher, a mini filer and a pink gel glue. Because I neglected this set in my Helmer, the gel glue was dried up when I tried to use it so I replaced it with a normal nail glue which I got from PNC Traders.

Anyway, let’s do a quick jump to my review now!




Very affordable. (Well, at the price I got them for; not the retail price!)

These are very easy to use and the instructions on the back of the box was very clear, I like that they included a mini cuticle pusher and a filer.

I like how they did something out of the norm, which is to do a classic french tip design; unlike other brands that comes up with too much dazzling and complicated designs for all 10 fingers.

Since I was using a different glue, I was able to peel them off without soaking my hands in pure acetone. (I believe that is a waste of nail polish remover and it’s harmful to my hands too!)


It came off pretty easily. I was packing my closet too last night and all I did was to hang up clothes and fold them and the nail on my thumb came off. Maybe it was because I didn’t use the gel glue that was provided.

The nail tips were too wide and big for my nails. When I found the perfect size for my cuticle area, my nails were too long for the french tips to cover so I had to use a wider and bigger french tip to cover my entire nail, which made it look  pretty fake. I had to paste the nail further out from my cuticle so that it entirely covers my natural nails.

The glue that I used was actually visible under the fake nails which made it look kinda cheap. Well, maybe applying a sheer pink polish underneath might solve this problem.



Alright, that’s all for my review! I hope this was helpful! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Nailene So Real: Review

    • Yep they did, its because of the glue and its also partly that I peeled them off instead of using the correct way to remove them! The glue removes the upper layer of my nail but after a few days, it grew back so I had no issues

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