Reader’s Request: OPI Ink & OPI Last Friday Night

I got anonymously requested to do a layered mani slapping on Last Friday Night over Ink. I’d prefer if this particular reader step out and tell me your name please? 🙂 Basic courtesy, that’s all! Hope you like my swatches! 😀

Honestly I wasn’t over the moon to do this request because I thought the layering will come out pretty nasty. But I really like the results of this layering! Great idea, anonymous reader!



Here’s OPI Ink on its own! I did 3 coats for this because my bottle is kinda wonky and was pretty diluted. It’s a purple shimmer with pink, red and dark blue specks of glitter in it, its gorgeous!

Now wait till you see how good OPI Last Friday looks over OPI Ink!!! *AMAZED* It totally looks like a galaxy of some sort, so cool! And the best part is that the glitter is smooth when it was dried, yay! No gritty texture and it doesn’t really eats up topcoat that way.

I included extra photos for our viewing pleasure, hahaha! Pretty photos must share, especially swatches of polishes!






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