Essie Pansy & Nubar Black Polka Dot

Good afternoon! 🙂 Decided to do a bit of experimenting with Nubar Black Polka Dot today 🙂 I actually tried many combinations when my nails were pretty short and I love it best with bright/pastel colours!! I really recommend this polish if you love layering and glitter!


In this mani, I layered Nubar Black Polka Dot over Essie Pansy. I love how the hot pink is toned down after adding a layer of black glitter. Nubar Black Polka Dot is a tinted sheer black base with large hexagon glitter with small black glitter. These glitter isn’t reflective so I think it’d be a great idea to layer it over shimmers too!

Yep I only did one coat of BPD over and it looks like I got quite an even number of glitters on all my nails! The best thing about this tinted polish is that you can add more layers, depending on how many glitters you want, without making the polish look too thick!



I’ll be posting up Michelle Nail Color swatches from Beadstreet either tonight or tomorrow morning! Keep a lookout! 😀


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