Beadstreet: Michelle Nail Color Swatches & Review

You can get these Michelle Nail Colors from Beadstreet at Cineleisure, 2nd floor! πŸ™‚ These are 2 for $4. I’m actually very tempted to go back there and get more colours because the quality is really good. They’re so worth your money! Compared to other brands such as The Face Shop, TFS is a rip-off for their polishes. Its slightly more expensive and yet the quality suck. The polish gets gooey when I used it the first time and it ended up clogging the bottle neck, argh! Note to self: Never ever buy TFS polishes, no matter how cheap it is or what promotion they have.

Anyway, they actually use codes to name their polishes so it might get a little confusing!



T72 is a metallic mustard-green foil, kinda like a cousin to Chanel Peridot. 2 coats here. So if you’re looking for an alternative to that, I think this is a great choice! I didn’t say this is a dupe for Peridot πŸ™‚



Q14 is a cherry red with golden shimmer. I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!! Looks perfect on my skintone! I did two coats here even though I could get away with one, it’s so opaque!!



M32 is what I used for my Scallop Hem Nail Design a few posts back. It’s a periwinkle blue creme. I did 2 coats here.



B24 is like a cross between a neon and a pastel. It’s pretty bright on my nail but it doesn’t dry matte. It’s much more darker than pictured, something like a tangerine.



B55 is an absolute nude colour, no tones on pinks or peaches; just plain nude. Very mannequin nails and very work appropriate! I like that it doesn’t really blend into my skin tone and it kinda stands out on its own πŸ˜€



M33 is a dark teal creme, very flattering for Fall. I’ve already worn this as a full mani twice so I absolutely love this colour!!

There are absolutely NO STREAKS at all for any of the polishes that I’ve featured here. Such a great bonus, especially when these polishes are made in Singapore. I find it pretty hard to believe that finally a manufacturer in Singapore does nail polish the good quality way. That’s a great method to reap in loyal customers because they definitely sucked me in already. And some of the polishes are opaque in one coat. I love their brushes too, not too big like the OPI one and not too narrow like China Glaze. It’s somewhere in the middle and the brushes spread really wide and covers a good amount of area on the nail!

So which colour did you like best among those that I’ve picked up? Let me know! ❀


16 thoughts on “Beadstreet: Michelle Nail Color Swatches & Review

  1. i love B55! i’ve been looking for a good nude colour for the longest time already. now i’m thinking of getting this one after looking at your swatch. thanks shona! πŸ™‚

  2. I agree that polishes from TFS is a rip-off.. TFS polishes are the ones that made me boycott cheap polishes.. I’ll rather spend abit more and get polishes like OPI that are much easier to apply and lasts!

  3. Thanks for this swatches Shona! I’ve seen them but I didn’t buy any because I was afraid they would be like TFS polishes. Now I’m very willing to check them out since they cheap and good! I love M32 and B55! And maybe B24 too! Are B55 and B24 two coaters?

  4. hi shona! i bought the nude polish as well and i love it but still have some difficulties achieving a consistent color even after two coats :/ do you have any tips on how to get the polish even and non-streaky with minimal coats? thanks very much! πŸ™‚

    • Thinner is your key to solving your problem πŸ™‚ if not, its either you put too little polish on your brush or too much! Sorry I can’t help you much because its hard to explain!

    • Hello, B55 is an old colour; I’m not sure why Beadstreet does not have it anymore. I don’t post fake details for my readers. Thank you.

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