Chanel Graphite

Okay… I have an announcement to make!!!! I’ll be starting work tomorrow as a permanent part-time manicurist for Milly’s! How exciting is that? I get free training (obviously), learn how to do a professional manicure/pedicure (and maybe more skills if I learn fast enough) and be with hundreds of bottles of polishes, yay!! So starting from tomorrow, nail posts will probably be scheduled before 12pm or after 11pm πŸ™‚

I went down for an interview today and I got hired on the spot πŸ˜€ I love bosses that are so fast in their decision-making, haha! My portfolio was the link to this blog ❀ ❀ Oh, and a good thing is that I can wear whatever that is comfortable to work!


Chanel Graphite is a silver metallic foil with bits and pieces of gold shimmer scattered all around. This is incredibly shiny and eye-catching! And it does look like an actual Graphite, hurray! Finally a polish that does justice to its name πŸ™‚

Wow, my nails are really short and round here, I filed down my nails and now they’re looking much more square πŸ˜€




Thank you, each and everyone of you for your comments/opinions and asking for comparisons!


6 thoughts on “Chanel Graphite

  1. Congrats on finding a job! It’s sounds fun as it’s something that you’ll like doing! Hope you won’t be too tired to post or to change your manis! But if you are, it’s okay! πŸ™‚

    • Haha it is fun, time passes by really quickly! πŸ˜€ I will most probably post at weird timings since I’m off from work quite late :/ haha don’t worry, I’ll still keep up my regular postings! thanks so much for supporting! ^^

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